How To Use Kits

  • Drop the biopsy specimen directly into the formalin bottle. Placing the specimen on gauze or other absorbent material risks desiccation. Be certain that the specimen does not stick on the bottleneck but is surrounded by formalin. Securely fasten the bottle lid.
  • Give the “Consent for Microscopic Tissue Evaluation” (page three of our new four page “Biopsy Request” form) to the patient, explain its contents, let her/him read it, answer questions, and ask the patient to sign it.
  • Complete the biopsy request form; the patient history and lesion descriptions are particularly important.
  • After checking that the bottle lid is securely fastened, place it in plastic bag (leave the absorbent gauze pad in the bag) and seal the bag.
  • Place the sealed plastic bag, the biopsy request form, and the patient consent form in the pre-addressed mailing packet.